Robinson for supermarkets

Testimonial Lambrechts central

With some strong local supermarket brands and concepts, Lambrechst NV is an important player in the retail market. The head office in Tongeren doesn't require contracting certain IT providers, but does offer a complete product assortment and the centre gives decent advise how to choose from various suppliers. Jan van Vliet, IT manager, explains why the Lambrechts central recommends SDP Robinson Food to retailers.

“There are various reasons why we opted for SDP Robinson. Many aspects made us think the program was the most suitable.”

Spar Lambrechts

First, the use of article numbers, which is very practical for the interaction between central and retailers. Together with EAN numbers, this is very useful. For example: “For example, the article 'Can of Coke 25cl' contains various EAN numbers, because of different bottling locations. Using article numbers makes it is easy to adjust the price of the cans with one quick action. This might seem an obvious option, but it is an obstacle for many IT suppliers.” The article numbers have more advantages. They enable you to work on a group level: this lets you adjust information for cans and bottles at the same time.

SDP Robinson is also personalized. Only the articles from the available stock are used in SDP Robinson. For example: the Lambrechts central lists more than 1.500 fresh products in their stock. The retailer needs to put only available products into their database.

Mix & match

The SDP Robinson ‘Mix & match' feature is another advantage. Promotions like '10+2' seem easy to manage for an outsider. Yet, there some providers still have difficulties with this. SDP Robinson makes it possible. Our retailers use this a lot.


“You notice the shopping environment is changing drastically. SDP Robinson's open set-up enables our retailers to keep up with these changes. More fresh food departments pre-pack products, there are more empties machines, tobacco vending machines are connected, etc. SDP Robinson helps retailers to keep up with that evolution.”

Van Vliet mentions the open set-up also helps retailers who want to switch. "They don't have to replace all their scales with new ones. It is possible to connect them to the new network. This is important to control the costs.”

Cash registers

The cash registers provided by SDP score well at different levels. First of all, they are user-friendly. Since all cash register actions are logged, SDP Robinson also scores high in fraud prevention. When installing a cash register, SDP delivers quality.


The Lambrechts central and SDP work closely together. Data is exchanged through a VPN connection. That means work is done quickly and securely. When a code changes, this is communicated to the retailer's database instantly, without any administrative hassle.

The Lambrechts central also provides first-line support. “This has various advantages: We often know the situation in the shop very well, and we can assess the problem. This is an extra service for our retailers. Small issues can be solved quickly. “In this way, the central adds extra value. When a central only acts like a messenger and sends everything to a helpdesk, it doesn't contribute anything. This extra customer service helps to find solutions faster.

We organize a retail forum every year. There, we explain a certain aspect of SDP Robinson. This is an efficient way to share all the information in one session with everyone who is interested. Also, the contact between different retailers leads to interesting insights. In short, we have a good experience with this part of our collaboration.


SDP Robinson also provides the retailer clear figures. “We notice that especially Spar and Supra use SDP Robinson to analyse their sales figures thoroughly. They have access to the data, and many benefit from that.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding demonstration in your store.