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Sales app

Sales app

SDP Sales App is a mobile application for sales professionals who are looking to access sales data from anywhere, anytime using their smartphones and tablets. Built to complement the needs of SDP software users, the app provides full access to sales data from any mobile device. It is no longer necessary to be at the office and in front of the computer to be able to consult lots of fully customisable sales statistics in real time.
Elektronische etiketten

Electronic shelf labels

Price changes or temporary promotions are sent from the system to the electronic shelf labels. This way, the prices on the electronic shelf labels don’t differ from the ones in the cash register.

Media displays

It visualizes your articles by means of pictures and movies in an animated and particularly eye-catching way. This way, the customers are acquainted with new articles, services, promotions, holidays, vacancies, opening hours, open house days, etc. The software displays texts, pictures – or a combination of both – and even promotional movies.


Belgians increasingly do their shopping online. Online shops have no closing times and save consumers long queues at the checkout. SDP allows you to have your own webshop developed by experienced web developers, all according to your own tastes and style. You manage the content of your site yourself through a Content Management System (CMS).
Website serpo


Your website is the showcase of your company. It is often the first contact that potential customers have with your company or business. SDP works by your side to develop a website that reflects your corporate style.

Closed cash handling

The customer deposits the money into a closed cash handling unit. Without the sales clerk having to touch coins or banknotes, the authenticity is being verified and the money is stored in a safe deposit unit. Furthermore correct change is paid automatically.

Accountancy software

The SDP accountancy software is adjustable to the needs of your business. It is dynamic and user-friendly and tailormade to your company. The functionalities are modular and meet the requirements, evolutions and spirit of your company.