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Facts about SDP

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in 1985




Notary software

SDP ActaLibra is the most widely used program among Belgian notaries. It consists of the file management and accounting modules, which can be used together or separately. User-friendly, complete and specific for Belgian notaries.


Retail software

SDP Robinson is a complete and stable package developed for and alongside the retail sector. Besides an intuitive cash register system, it also offers efficient and accurate stock management, customer management, invoicing, etc.


Wholesale software

SDP Distripack is a powerful ERP wholesale package. There are specific modules for different industry sectors: wood, distribution, etc. The SDP Distripack parameters and modules are set entirely in accordance with each company's needs.


Time management & planning

SDP Era offers solutions for employee issues. Four modules that are also available separately: time registration, planning, access control and job follow-up.


Applications, websites and webshops

e-Solutions offers a wide range of innovative technologies for each industry.



  • Notary Conference 2019

    SDP ActaLibra Notarial congres 2017

    This year, the biennial Notary Conference will take place in Antwerp. Around 1,550 notaries and notary candidates from all over Belgium will join this 2-day conference where visitors can enjoy a varied academic and cultural program. SDP will attend to demonstrate their notary software for file management and accounting.

  • GDPR


    The new European GDPR has come into force. You might have heard about this and have some questions. What does this new privacy regulation mean? What does it mean for your company? We briefly outline the most important characteristics.

  • New website for Serpo

    Serpo website

    SDP created Serpo’s new website: The website comes with a user friendly content management system. In this way, the customer can easily manage and update website content at any time.