About SDP

SDP is a Belgian IT company that fully invests in research and development. SDP has been an important player in the Belgian market for almost 40 years. We are now leaders in different niche markets. We offer a complete range of software and hardware. We think along with our clients in order to find the most suitable solutions. You can call on SDP for all kinds of  services: installation, maintenance, training, support and net services. Because customer-friendliness is just one of SDP’s strengths. SDP provides businesses with powerful, high-quality, integrated software solutions. The packages can be customized to the needs of your company.

The digital and technical revolution is becoming more and more noticeable. Today's consumers are more assertive and demanding, forcing companies to be on the ball. Customers are increasingly seduced by e-commerce promotions, newsletters, self scanning, closed cash handling terminals, electronic shelf labels and more.

SDP adapts to this trend with innovative solutions. We help companies to meet their customers' high demands in the digital era.
Consequently SDP developed the sales app, tablet applications and webshops.

The latest technical features, like self scanning, closed cash handling terminals and electronic shelf labels, are also part of our broad product range.
It pays to invest in SDP's innovative solutions. It's the solution to bind customers, to stay one step ahead of the competitors and anticipate certain markets' needs quickly and thoroughly.

Our state-of-the-art applications and tools are constantly evolving based on new and future technologies. This way, you are always prepared for the future.

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Our strengths

SDP is a Belgian IT company fully investing in its own research and development. For almost 40 years, SDP has been an important player on the Belgian market. In several niche sectors we are meanwhile among the market leaders. We develop our own software and integrate it into our partners' hardware in order to offer a global solution to our customers. We provide our customers with consultancy, installation, training and support in an increasing number of European countries.

SDP has four main strengths:

SDP totaaloplossing

One-stop shopping

SDP is a Belgian IT company with branches in different European countries. Since 1985, SDP provides a complete range of hard- and software products to numerous businesses. We focus on the automation of business processes within several market segments: retail and wholesale, notaries, eldlery homes, government and municipalities. SDP guarantees an integrated approach: software, hardware, installation, training, support and web services. Customers can find all these services in a single stop.
SDP kwaliteit


SDP guarantees high-quality platform independent products. Our dynamic experts develop software based upon their profound sectoral knowledge. This way, customers pay only for what they need, with no unnecessary features. Our software stands out for its stability and reliability. Our state-of-the-art applications and tools are constantly evolving, in sync with the latest technologies.

SDP service


SDP is a specialised software developer. We anticipate the need for specific solutions. Our tailored training enables our customers to perfectly manage their software package. Moreover, they can always count on SDP after the installation for additional support and advice.
SDP flexibiliteit


SDP applications are modular and offer companies various options. Customers can start with the basic set of features and add options later. In close consultation with the customer, we provide the best solution for each specific situation.