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Testimonial Heylen

Heylen Supermarket in Noorderwijk is a supermarket that is not only known for the large assortment. The store's impeccable interior makes shopping a pleasant experience. Everything is tidy and the product displays are well organized. It is no coincidence that manager Bart Heylen introduced electronic shelf labels.

“More than 9,000 electronic price labels define our supermarket’s look and feel.”

Supermarkt Heylen elektronische etiketten

The manager explains: "There are various reasons why you take certain steps. The look and feel is important. Our store has to be impeccable. We are known for the fact that we are neat and organized.  The electronic shelf labels fit perfectly in our story. No more papers in different colours and sizes lying around. Beautiful, sleek labels hanging perfectly . More than 9000 price labels define a significant part your supermarket's image.”

Accurate, as always.

The prices on the electronic shelf labels are 100% correct. People who don't know the store might think this is an improvement. Surprisingly, this is not the case. "We have always paid a lot of attention to accurate pricing" This has always been one of our main priorities.”

"The thing that differs nowadays is that it is more clear how much articles change. The electronic labels show every changed detail. Even if it is a small change, like a 10% discount or a free face cloth with a package of detergent, the labels show it. These changes didn't stand out that much in paper labels, but now you see changes on delivery articles on a daily basis.”

Supermarkt Heylen

Heylen has some tips for others who want to take their company to a next level: "Organisation is crucial when setting up these labels! A succesful switch to electronic labels is only possible with good planning and preparation. You need to know exactly where all products are, the codes etc. When you don't know how to organise everything beforehand, it won't work out.

A store also has to take into account the extra investments for electronic shelf labels. You will automatically have a close look at your own shop. Old shelves are removed, worn furniture is replaced by new shelves. This is part of the investment you need to take into account. In the end, you don't want to leave renovations half-done.”


“When you opt for electronic shelf labels, you also start to take a critical look at your own stock. You have to pay for every label, so you you need to decide if it is worth having certain products available in the store.” These are decisions of which we know we should take them more often. The implementation of the electronic shelf labels was a good reason to review through the whole assortment of stock.

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