Robinson for garden centres

Testimonial Meijers

Meijers Garden Centre is nothing short of a household name in Lanaken. Brother and sister Erwin and Inge are now already the fourth generation to run this well-kept garden centre. They switched to SDP Robinson in 2014. Tills and store are now managed in one single environment.

“The many positive reactions we heard from colleagues gave us the final push to choose Robinson.”

Tuincentrum Meijers

“We consciously opted for a Belgian provider. In a retail environment, proximity and fast response times are very important. Besides, we also have a number or friends and colleagues who use the system. Their positive reactions gave the final push for the choice of SDP Robinson.”


"At the tills we notice that everything just goes much faster. Not only this pleases our customers, but the staff also enjoys the good running of operations. For this the touchscreens are a plus; you can find intuitively and rapidly what you are looking for.”


“In the competitive environment in which we work, insight is increasingly important for businesses. We can count on many years of experience for this, but thanks to our system we can now also obtain clear quantitative insights and detailed analyses.”

Tuincentrum Meijers
Loyalty cards and focused actions

“Since I started working with SDP Robinson, I have also been using real customer cards. No hassle with stamps or stickers, but beautiful, neat loyalty cards. Besides, the reactions from customers are really positive. It all runs very smoothly; some people even come just to ask about it.”

“It also helps us send targeted mailings. We actually notice that the emails are now significantly more read than before.”

“We would like to go farther. Once we get to add some more email addresses to our files, we will also tailor our messages to what the customers have purchased previously. It is this kind of actions that we find really valuable: informing our customers and not overloading them with things that they would not look at.”


“All GRS articles are imported into SDP Robinson. This works very smoothy. If I get any question about one of the articles from the gigantic catalog, I just have to scan the required article from the book, and I immediately get all the information that I need. Very convenient and fast.”

A must

“If colleagues ask me if I recommend the system, my answer is a resounding "yes". At the same time, I would stress the importance of a good test phase. There are so many parameters that you must really do as many simulations and tests as possible beforehand. This is the only way to ensure that the installation is completely adapted to what you want in your shop. Looking back on our decision, we can only be glad that we opted for SDP Robinson.”


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