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Testimonial Mega Deschacht

Mega DIY is an example in the sector. Since the new store has been opened at de Antwerpsesteenweg in Lochristi, Deschacht is an important reference. SDP spoke to Luc van Eeghem, general manager, and Olivier Callens, purchase manager.

“If other companies ask if we recommend the system, we definitely say yes.”

Mega Deschacht DHZ
It started small

Mega DIY started in 1983. During the start-up phase, it was only an additional service to the the plastic wholesale. In the beginning, the shop was mainly known in the local area. But the company started to get more and more customers. They had to expand, and after a couple of years had a 2.000 sqm surface. They opened a new shop to expand the assortment and provide the customer the best possible service. Sixteen employees now manage a total surface of 6.300 sqm. The shop is impressive and has a complete assortment. Customers can find all the DIY material they need. Mega DIY is leading in the area and the sector.


Luc van Eeghem remembers the early period very well. “Everything was manually registered in notebooks. But we couldn't keep up with the constant expansion. We opted for an IT partner. They did not give us enough support, and the program we used wasn't complete, either. That is why we explored the market for software providers. SDP the turned out to be the best partner.”

Mega Deschacht DHZ

We have never regretted this choice. “Setting up SDP Robinson went smoothly, but it also required a time investment. Yet, it reduces the administration and leads to more efficient store management.”

“Since the cash registers were customized for our company, new employees are able to use them from the start,” Olivier Callens, purchase manager says. “It is easy to learn the system for new employees. They don't need to learn all the SDP Robinson features and functions. Since they only have to learn what matters to them, the training period doesn't take too long. The employees are very happy with the system.


Van Eeghem sees the advantages of having SDP as an exclusive partner. “Applications, cash registers and computers come from the same supplier. If there are problems, you don't have to deal with different suppliers who shift responsibility between each other without providing any solutions.” They are very satisfied with SDP's service. Solutions come quickly, and the people doing interventions are experts.

“In short, we are happy with SDP Robinson. If other companies ask us if we recommend the system, we definitely say yes", Van Eeghem says.

Mega Deschacht DHZ
The future

Olivier Callens keeps his eye on the future. “In the the future, we will refine the system.” Digital pricing will be one of the upcoming investments. “A large assortment requires many labels and we lose time by changing prices manually. With electronic shelf labels, we don't have to worry about that.” Also, Mega DIY Deschacht will certainly rely on SDP to implement their plans in the future.


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