Robinson for DIY stores

Wood module

Smooth conversion

Customers often need a certain number of square meters of a certain kind of wooden floor such as parquet floor. However, you are selling packages of 2.81m². With SDP Robinson there is no need for you nor your customers to convert the exact amount. Thanks to the correct conversion by the application, the customer will not be returning a large amount of unused packages. Another advantage for you.

SDP Distripack software voor de houtgroothandel artikelbeheer

Stock: indicating dimensions and package numbers

SDP Distripack software voor de houtgroothandel stockbeheer

You get to see an overview of the entire stock. You decide whether to see the articles per package or whether you check in how many packages a certain article is included. 
That way you have a perfect view of the situation at all times and know which articles are available in the warehouse(s).


Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding demonstration in your store.