A reliable and stable software application for your furniture company

SDP Distripack is the all in-one-solution for your furniture store to manage articles, lots and stock in the showroom and various warehouses. The software package automates your purchases and sales and streamlines deliveries from transport to invoicing.

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Purchase, article and stock management

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Detailed article management
Solid article management is a key asset for every furniture shop. SDP Distripack divides all articles into main groups, groups and subgroups, and you choose the purchase-, sales- and stock units you want to work with. It is also possible to work with various units. Managing and searching for articles has never been so easy.
SDP Robinson brings products together in sets (packages of different articles) or in different combinations. It also supports working with lots.

Accurate price management and promotions
SDP Distripack streamlines your company's price management. The package takes all price agreements into account and calculates the perfect sales prices according the seleced method. You also apply discounts based on product category, purchase amount or promotion prices. A loyalty card in your corporate design keeps your customers thinking about your company and coming back after their purchase. Issued gift vouchers are easily tracked (number of circulating and expired vouchers, etc.).

Strategic purchase management
SDP helps you to purchase goods efficiently and on time, guaranteeing your business flow. The software provides you with an overview of reserved and purchased goods and notifies you when a certain article is out of stock. Above all: the software provides you with order proposals and notifications to inform you which articles are running out of stock. This means you don't miss out on revenue because of sold out products. You create purchase orders, and SDP Robinson supports the business flow from arrival to delivery to the customer.


Sales flow

Quick sales transactions
The complete sales flow runs from the order (sales offer or contract), through the warehouse ticket and up to the delivery note and invoice, with links to each step. The software also provides logistic support for scheduling your deliveries by region or day.

User-friendly cash register
The cash registers have user-friendly touch screens which makes them easy to understand for your cashiers. You decide which buttons and functions are available for each register or operator. The attractive customer display shows the scanned prices and the amount due, along with other important information for customers, like opening hours or closing days. The mobile cash register system gives your cashiers unlimited mobility.

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Optimal stock levels

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SDP Distripack also manages your online stock in different warehouses and showrooms. Retrieve and change the stock in different pick palces, transfer stock, follow the minimum and maximum stock, do an inventory... all in no time. Integrated mobile handheld scanners make delivery control, warehouse inventory and order picking quick and easy. Fully supports tracking the packaging stock.


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