A powerful ERP application for the wholesale business

SDP Distripack, the all-in-one solution for the wholesaler, manages articles, lots and stock in different warehouses and depots. The software package auotmates your purchases and sales, and streamlines deliveries from transport to invoicing.

Strategic article management

Solid article management is the primary asset for every wholesaler. SDP Distripack divides all articles into main groups, groups and subgroups and you choose the purchase-, sales- and stock units you want to work with. It is also possible to work with various units (e.g., article management in kilograms). Managing and searching for articles using key-words has never been so easy. SDP Distripack brings products together in sets (package with various articles) or assemblages (various processed products). Using lots and serial numbers won't cause difficulties anymore.

SDP Distripack software voor de groothandel - Artikelbeheer

Complete purchase management

SDP Distripack software voor de groothandel

SDP Distripack helps you purchase goods and resources efficiently and on time, guaranteeing your business flow. The software provides an overview of reserved and purchased goods and notifies you when a certain article is out of stock. Above all: the package provides you with purchase order proposals and notifications before articles are out of stock. You create your purchase orders (possibly purchase contracts) and send them via e-mail or EDI to your supplier.

Production process & lot tracking

SDP Distripack provides the necessary data regarding origin, expiry dates, usage, and destination of a certain lot at any moment in the production process, in line with legal traceability regulations and requirements.

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