Robinson for timber yards


Error-free cutting- and dispatch notes

The cutting- and dispatch notes contain a lot of information. This reduces the risk of errors and makes the work more efficient.

Displaying stock location is a big plus, especially when there are various warehouses. Also displayed are the package number, thickness, width, length and quantities: your employees will find the searched material much quicker.

Robinson houtmodule

Trouble-free conversions

SDP Distripack software voor de houtgroothandel artikelbeheer

Your customers visit the shop asking for a certain number of square meters of wood laminate, for example. Yet, you sell it in packages of 2.81 m2. With Distripack there is no need to convert.

This will help you also in a later stage. With the right calculation you don’t have to take back non used packages.

Sales screens show you all the information, even sizes

Your sales screens displays all the information regarding sold articles. On the cash register, you not only see a reference number, but also the article’s full description, along with important elements such as wood type and color.
Sizes are also specified, so that you can check how many 1.80 m, 2 m and 2.50 m beams the customer is buying. This reduces the risk of problems or discussion at the payment stage.

Robinson houtmodule

Customer management

SDP Robinson software voor doe-het-zelfzaken

All your customer data, like addresses, purchase history and payment behaviour, is collected in SDP Distripack.
No more paper notebooks, scattered Excel files and mismatched addresses in different places: everything is found in a single system. It’s accurate and efficient.


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