Electronic shelf labels for your pharmacy

A growing number of pharmacies uses electronic shelf labels. Pharmacists want correct prices without investing too much time. New prices or price changes are automatically and flawlessly sent to the labels in the shelves. The system guarantees correct prices at all times.

SDP ESL elektronische etiketten
ESL for pharmacies


  • Price changes are entered into the central article file on the server automatically via purchase groups, suppliers or manually.
  • Prices are sent over the network to the central server which is linked with the communicators in-store which transmit signals to the labels.


Beautiful design ESL

Beautiful design

Beautiful and industry-leading product design and appearance

Different sizes ESL

Different sizes

Various display sizes with high resolution

Sharp ink technology ESL

Sharp EPD technology

Full graphical EDP display with paper-like readability

Viewing angle ESL

Viewing angle

Super wide viewing angle (near 180°)

Battery life ESL

Battery life

Ultra-low power consumption - up to 7-year battery life

Replaceable battery ESL

Replaceable battery

Customer-replaceable battery; battery packs available as spare parts

Fast response ESL

Fast response

Fast response time (less than 15 seconds)

Pixel colors ESL

Pixel colours

Black, white, yellow and red pixel colours

Flexible system ESL

Flexible system

This solution stands out for the simplicity of its installation and daily management. The technology is easily integrated into all back office and cash register systems. The installation is simple and only takes very little of your time.

Various types and sizes

SDP provides different sizes and electronic label types. Besides product names, prices and barcodes, you can also show promo prices. The newest EPD technology allows you to display certain parts in colour (red or yellow).

Formaten elektronische etiketten SDP


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