Robinson for electronics shops


User-friendly cash register

SDP Robinson is a user-friendly cash register system that gives staff more time to help customers. Customers will also appreciate our cash register system's fast transactions.
The clear customer display shows scanned articles and the total amount, as well as promotions and other important information for customers, like opening hours or closing days.
The mobile cash register system gives cashiers unlimited mobility.

Robinson software elektrozaken

Boost your sales with promotions

Robinson doe-het-zelf winkel kassabeheer

Promotions often make the difference in the competitive struggle. Apply discounts based on product categories, customer profiles, purchased quantities or promotion prices. Issue points based on the total purchase amounts using loyalty cards. A loyalty card in your corporate design keeps customers thinking about your company and coming back after their purchase.  

Registration of all cash register movements

Every cash register movement is registered. This allows you to see, per cashier, every single detail of cash register movements. Besides that, you define the cash register access and the cashier permits for taking back returned articles or apply discounts.

Robinson scanning


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