• New website for Serpo

    Serpo website

    SDP created Serpo’s new website: www.serpo.be. The website comes with a user friendly content management system. In this way, the customer can easily manage and update website content at any time.

  • New: the Era app

    Era app

    The Era app is a time registration mobile app that allows your employees to intuitively clock in or request absences on the move, on field, or at the office.

  • Have you heard about the sales app?

    Have you heard about the sales app?

    SDP Sales App is a mobile application for sales professionals who are looking to access sales data from anywhere, anytime using their smartphones and tablets. Built to complement the needs of SDP software users, the app provides full access to sales data from any mobile device. It is no longer necessary to be at the office and in front of the computer to be able to consult lots of fully customisable sales statistics in real time.