Web UI Developer

At SDP we have a natural desire for making beautiful software. The kind you want to use yourself: well architectured, extensible, user friendly, maintainable and following worldwide standards.
You will work with a small and enthusiastic team in Barcelona. You will be involved in technical discussions, drive new innovative ideas and make calls on what is feasible or not. You will be on top of new technologies to make sure we stay on the forefront constantly improving our products.
The official company language is English, so any applicants must have a good command of the English language.


·         Developing new programs
·         Write code for enhancing existing programs
·         Estimate project timelines and resources required to complete programming projects
·         Share knowledge throughout the company and beyond;
·         Provide feedback to the management
·         Solve issues in the SDP product range;
·         Point out issues with the existing architecture and code, and clean it up;

·         Web technologies: Angular/JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX), W3C recommendations
·         Proficiency in using web-developer tools available in browsers
·         JSF skill desired
·         Object-Oriented (OO) Technology Experience that goes beyond the concepts of Object-Oriented Technology
·         RESTful web-services;
·         Familiarity with Java EE technologies is a plus
·         Servlet containers like Tomcat

If you are interested in this position, please send your curriculum vitae and motivation letter to Tom Jansseune: tom.jansseune@sdp.be