Robinson for hardware stores


Detailed article management

Article data and price changes can be imported easily and linked to your purchase centre. Enter the margin (as percentage or fixed add-on price) you wish to achieve. Based on the purchase price you will automatically get a sales price proposal. Link easily images to articles to show on the cash register, labels and your website.

All article fields are shown in one screen. Handy search options and info fields make it easy to find optional added information. You define the label layout yourself: shelf labels, A4-labels and promotion labels. Or you choose for a link to the electronic shelf labels that applies price changes and promotions automatically.

SDP Robinson software voor de doe-het-zelfwinkel

Always an optimal stock level

Robinson stockbeheer

The inventory can be done with a handheld scanner during opening hours. Articles sold during the inventory are automatically included in the inventory. Stock corrections are entered manually. In case of various stock locations or shops you, also define where the correction has to be applied. The system updates the stock based on article transfers between different shops. Order purchase lists are created when the minimum stock level is reached, based on rotation lists or through scanning. In this way you will never lose profit because of a sold out product.


You can define the layout of all kinds of labels: shelf labels, A4 labels and promotional labels. Price data are direclty uploaded from the article database of SDP Robinson. Or you can choose for a link with electronic shelf labels which means that price changes and promotions are automatically applied.

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SDP Robinson doe-het-zelf winkel etikettering elektronische etiketten

Figures & reports

SDP Robinson software voor doe-het-zelfzaken

Detailed figures and statistics are at the basis of a well-organised purchase, sales and commercial management. For instance, you can send out a mailing based upon the customers' purchase behaviour.

Clear statistics
Do you like to have a clear overview of all sales figures in an accurate report? Verify which promotions are most successful, which margins are obtained by each product group, etc. You can export sales figures of your shop(s) to detailed and clear reports.

Thansk to SDP Robinson, sales figures of multiple branch-stores are as clear as crystal. You can easily compare shops mutually. The application provides you with a global overview of all stock, purchase and sales data of different shops on a single list.

Multi store

Changes in the back-office will be sent automatically to all shops and cash registers. Changes in promotions, articles or layouts only have to be done once and all sales are centralized for reporting. 

SDP Robinson multistore


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